Biden Playing With Your Life Using Hospitals Incentive Payments For COVID-19

Upon entering a once advanced hospital, American victims with Coronavirus become virtual captives, constrained to a firm treatment rule rooted in Ezekiel Emanuel’s “Perfect Lives System” for rationing pharmaceutical concern in those above 50. 

They have a shockingly great mortality charge. How and why is this occurring, and what can be arranged regarding it?

As shown in audio records, hospital officials in Arizona approved meeting many times a week to reduce patterns of care, with coordinated constraints on visiting preferences. 

Most Coronavirus victims’ families are carefully stored in the dark regarding what is done to their beloved ones.

The order that allows this terrible and avoidable destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives involves The CARES Act, which rewards clinics stimulus amounts for all things associated with Coronavirus and abandonment of common and hard standing victim claims by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

In 2020, the Texas Hospital Association presented applications for reservations to CMS. According to Texas lawyer Jerri Ward, “CMS has given ‘abandonment’ of national legislation about patient preferences. 

CMS means to enable hospitals to infringe the claims of patients or their representatives regarding medical history entrance, to have a patient call, and to be freed from retirement.” 

She notes that “allegations regarding the hospital or CMS and cannot be overlooked, as that is the reverse of a ‘right.’ 

The purported disclaimers are meant to leave and get full power over the patient and to deny victim and patient’s decision inventor the ability to practice informed permission.”

Creating a “National Epidemic Emergency” supported comprehensive actions that reverse single surgeon remedial decision-making and patients’ priorities. 

The CARES Act gives reasons for hospitals to apply procedures managed individually by the central administration following the auspices of the NIH.

These “bonuses” should be spent back if not “gained” by making the Coronavirus analysis and understanding the COVID-19 rules.

The hospital returns involve:

  • A “free” expected PCR analysis in the Emergency Room or against access for every victim, with management paying the payment to the hospital.
  • Attached bonus amount for every positive COVID-19 analysis.
  • Another reward for Coronavirus access to the hospital.
  • A 20 percent “increase” bonus cash from Medicare on the whole hospital bill for the usage of remdesivir, preferably of medicines like Ivermectin.
  • Another and nobler bonus is a return to the hospital if a Coronavirus patient is automatically freed.
  • More money to the clinic if the problem of death is classified as Coronavirus, also if the patient did not fall immediately of Coronavirus.

A COVID-19 analysis additionally gives additional payments to coroners.

CMS performed “value-related” payment plans that follow data such as how many operators at a healthcare department get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Presently we see why several hospitals performed Coronavirus vaccine orders. They are rewarded more.

Extreme hospitals, physician MIPS quality metrics link experts’ returns to performance-related compensation for treating victims with Coronavirus EUA drugs. Failure to broadcast data to CMS can take the doctor 4% of compensation.

Because of obfuscation with medicinal coding and proper language, we cannot specify every hospital’s exact amount per COVID-19 victim. 

But Attorney Thomas Renz and CMS shriek blowers have determined a total debt of at least $100,000 per victim. 

What does this suggest for your health and security as a patient in the hospital?

There are deaths from management-led COVID methods. For remdesivir, researchers reveal that 71–75 percent of victims experience an unfavorable influence. The drug usually had to be discontinued after five to ten days because of these influences, like kidney and liver injury and destruction. 

Remdesivir actions throughout the 2018 West African Ebola disorder had to be stopped because the mortality rate surpassed 50%. However, in 2020, Anthony Fauci showed that remdesivir was the drug clinics applied to treat Coronavirus when the COVID clinical cases of remdesivir dispensed related unfavorable outcomes.

In vented victims, the death toll is large. A National Library of Medicine, January 2021 release of 69 studies including more than 57,000 victims, decided that death charges were 45 percent in Coronavirus victims getting invasive mechanical air-conditioning, rising to 84 percent in older victims. 

Renz declared at a Truth for Health Foundation Press interview that CMS data determined that 84.9% percent of all victims fell after more than 96 hours on an air-conditioner in Texas hospitals.

Then there are losses from limitations on efficient strategies for hospitalized cases. 

Renz and a crew of data investigators have concluded that more than 800,000 expirations in America’s clinics, in Coronavirus and additional patients, have been created by programs surrounding fluids, food, antibiotics, powerful antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and healing dosages of anticoagulants.

We presently observe government delivered medical care at its most serious in our records. The national government mandated these useless and serious strategies for the Coronavirus and then built economic reasons for hospitals and doctors to use only those “permitted” advances.

Our already committed medical center of hospitals and hospital-operated medical staff have finally become “bonus hunters” for your life. 

Patients want to take unique steps instantly to avoid running into the hospital for the Coronavirus. Patients want to take active measures to plan before becoming sick to use quick home-related treatment of Coronavirus that can assist you in protecting their life.

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