Biden Hopes His Spending Plan Will Get Senate Approval

The President of the United States, Joe Biden has said that it was still possible to get the Build Back Better, a climate and social spending bill, approved by the Senate despite objections by Senator Joe Manchin.

“I want to get things done. I still think there’s a possibility of getting build Back Better done,” he told reporters on Tuesday following his remarks on COVID-19 at the White House.

According to The Hill, When asked whether the interview Manchin granted on Sunday to Fox News could affect their relationship, Biden said that despite his Irish Descent, he does not hold a grudge.

“Sen. Manchin and I are going to get something done,” he said when asked if Manchin broke his commitment to him.

The White House issued a strong reply to Manchin following his comments on Sunday, saying that his comments “represent a sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position, and a breach of his commitments to the President and the Senator’s colleagues.”

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Both Biden and Manchin were reported to have spoken on Sunday night after the blowup.

On Tuesday, Biden moved on from talking about Manchin to tout his Build Back Better agenda. The president angrily yelled at the podium about parents who work minimum-wage jobs and are in need of expensive prescription drugs for their children.

“Not only do you put the kid’s life at stake; you strip away all the dignity of a parent looking at their child. I’m not joking about this,” he said, raising his voice to reporters.

“Imagine being a parent. Looking at a child and you can’t afford it. You have no house to borrow against. You have no savings. It’s wrong,” he said. “All the things in that bill are going to reduce prices and costs for middle-class and working-class people.”

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