Biden Claims Vaccine Mandate Won’t Disrupt Supply Chain but What’s the Reality

In the face of concerns from the trucking industry, President Biden said his vaccine mandate will not have a negative impact on supply chains. During a meeting the president had with the Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, Fox News communicated White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked this.

Her remarks included the fact that the trucking industry has petitioned the Supreme Court to block the mandate because it is concerned it will slow down the recovery of the supply chain. In the same moment, Biden was asked what he had to say about this.

“I say no, thank you,” the president replied.

As part of the mandate on large businesses, the president announced a vaccination mandate for truckers crossing the northern border. Sen. Steve Daines of Montana led a group of senators who wrote to Biden earlier this month, warning that the move would exacerbate the ongoing supply chain crisis in the US and between the U.S. and Canada, FOX reported.

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“In March of 2020, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency classified truck drivers as essential to the continued viability of our nation’s infrastructure because trucking is an indispensable component of North American trade and the linchpin of America’s domestic supply chain,” the letter stated.

“We urge your Administration to reengage our northern neighbor and leading export partner to establish a reciprocal policy for cross-border truck drivers that do not include a vaccine mandate and will not disrupt the North American supply chain.”

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