Before her train leaves, MTA Hero saves three stranded passengers.

Mariel Lora is this week’s MTA Hero because she assisted three passengers before her train left the station. Heather O’Rourke provides specifics. Mariel Lora, the conductor for the Metro-North Railroad, is this week’s MTA Hero.

She has been employed with the MTA for almost eight years and enjoys interacting with people the most. Her train was due to leave in five minutes, and she lately encountered a circumstance in which three distinct individuals were in dire need of assistance.

One passenger left her phone on the train tracks, another wanted instructions, and a third ran late and needed assistance contacting a buddy. Lora called the relevant MTA staff immediately in order to assist the first customer in retrieving her phone.

Then, Lora led the second traveler to the correct Bridgeport-bound train. Finally, Lora assisted the third traveler in boarding the train on time so that he or she could travel with their companion. Lora was crucial in making it happen in the nick of time for all three passengers.

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