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Because Jesus spoke to her son in the closet, a California candidate for office is running.

Rachel Hamm, a Republican candidate for Secretary of State of California, is running in the June primary elections. She is speaking about her reasons for running, as are many other candidates.

She is asserting, like many other Republican candidates, that God was involved in her choice to run for president. For the first time, Hamm claims that Jesus appeared with her son in a closet and instructed her to run for president.


“Considering that I’ve always been a prophetic dreamer, I spent a good portion of 2019 and 20 daydreaming about being elected president. And because our youngest son, Ezekiel, is a seer, I went and got him and said, “Hey, can you look around and see what you’re seeing?”

And he answered, “Yes.” As a result of the fact that I genuinely enjoy hearing him describe what he sees and what he hears?”

“In that case, he said, “You know, let me know if you notice something,” and that’s exactly what happened. As a result, he went inside my bedroom and my bathroom to examine them.

‘There isn’t anything there,’ he declared. He goes into the closet, which is where I had been praying, and he says, “Whoa,” and his eyes get like saucer-sized, and he starts backing away and then bends down and says,

“You’ve got a huge guy in your closet, and his power is pushing me to the ground,” and we’d never seen him react like that before, especially to an angel, before. And so I’m thinking, is he on our side, not against us, is this correct?”

“In fact, I can’t even make out his face because the room is so illuminated by him. ‘He had a scroll in his hand,’ stated the narrator. After that, I thought to myself, “He came with a message, is that the message,” and the message was that I was being appointed to a position.

Consequently, I inquired as to his identity at the conclusion of the conversation. you could wonder, ‘What kind of angel is this?’ It was then that he addressed me as “Immanuel.” It wasn’t an angel, by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn’t an angel; rather, it was Jesus himself speaking through the medium.

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