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Bay Area rappers, namely ‘E-40’ and ‘Too $hort,’ are urging residents to vote


Time is running out until Election Day. Bay Area rap legends are spreading the word in a new video titled “Vote.” Too $hort, a Bay Area rap icon, spits “Aye! Yo!” in the clip. Excuse me! I’m your boy, Too $hort. Please don’t let voting slip your minds. It needs to be done by November 8th at the latest. Vote!”

Hip-hop stars in the Bay Area are encouraging their fans to turn out and vote in Tuesday’s election with campaigns like “Don’t Forget to Vote” and “Black the Vote.” The message is being spread via Mistah F.A.B.’s Dope Era network.

The vote of a person is the voice of his mind

“We’re just one of the catalysts that are mobilizing these things and the mobilization of this vote,” Mistah F.A.B. told. The power still rests with the people, so we must educate the next generation on why these issues are crucial. This includes knowing that our votes and votes alone give us the capacity to impose our will on others and to inoculate ourselves and others against harmful ideas.

“What’s up, you guys? As E-40 introduced himself, “I’m the ambassador. For the sake of democracy, I urge everyone to cast their ballots. “I’m just hoping it piques their interest enough to have their say, ‘let me see what they’re talking about,'” he said.

According to Mistah F.A.B., This is what we’re advocating from an apolitical perspective, and once you realize that, you’ll be able to make your voice known in the political process.

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