Base Jumper Who Died After Falling from UTC High-rise Has Been Identified

The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed to FOX 5, on Monday, the identity of the man who died after falling from a high-rise located next to a mall in University City.

Eric Roden, an experienced BASE jumper, has been identified as the deceased, according to the county medical examiner. Roden was 48 years old before he died.

Roden was wearing a helmet and carrying a parachute when he jumped from the 23rd floor of the Palisade UTC apartment complex Tuesday night.

In spite of his safety accessories, his fall was horrifically witnessed by his teenage daughter.

“[Roden] got a history of doing different types of jumps. Really it’s a tragic event. It’s one that’s absolutely avoidable,” San Diego Police Capt. Scott Wahl revealed to FOX 5.

“He had planned to deploy a parachute and survive the jump,” San Diego Police Capt. Scott Wahl disclosed.

According to Fox5 Sandiego, investigators report no parachute came up at the time of Roden jumping.

In a similar event, a man named Nicholas Marinkovich prompted “Batman” sightings when he stood on a crane at 15th and J streets downtown in 2018.

In Marinkovich’s case, he eventually leaped down uninjured but got arrested afterward.

The police have asserted timelessly that BASE jumping is illegal.

Base jumping involves leaping off a fixed object, such as a bridge or a building, and using a parachute to land safely.

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