Autopsy Report of 14-Year-Old’s Tragic Passing in Orange County

Lyric Woods, 14, was shot and killed in Orange County, and a report was made public on Sunday. Lyric was shot seven times in the western part of the county, close to some power lines, according to the report.

In August, the body of Devin Clark, 18, was found with Lyric. 6 shots were fired at Devin. It took people on ATVs more than a day to find Lyric and Devin’s bodies.

Autopsy released for 14-year-old killed in Orange County:

The cops caught Isaiah Ross in October for the shooting. He is accused of killing Devin and Lyric in the first degree. The officials said in court in January that Ross shot Lyric and Devin as they tried to get away.

No one knows why the killings happened yet. Ross is in jail while he waits for his next court date. ABC11 tried to get the Orange County District Attorney to say something about their plans, but they wouldn’t.

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