Atlanta’s LGBTQ clubs are increasing security following a series of attacks

Richard Ramey recently reopened the Atlanta Eagle, a popular LGBTQ bar, at a new location in Midtown Atlanta.

Along with the move, Ramey also instituted a further safety measure, hiring armed guards to patrol the premises.

It should be safe to “go out to a drag club or a drag event,” Ramey argued. Ramey explained to Justin Wilfon of Channel 2 that he collaborated with Atlanta law enforcement to ensure the safety of his consumers.

In light of the recent mass massacre at a gay bar in Colorado and the weekend event in North Carolina in which vandals shot up power substations in an apparent attempt to disrupt electricity to a drag show, the decision was made.

Two weeks ago, police in Atlanta, Georgia, detained a guy they say threatened two homosexual clubs with violence.

According to APD, the individual went to one of the bars armed with pepper spray. What happened is just incredibly tragic.

We’re almost in the year 2023, and people still can’t accept one another and leave each other alone, Ramey lamented.

Ramey claims to have hired armed, off-duty APD officers to work at his club on busy nights.

According to APD’s recent statement to Channel 2, numerous LGBTQ bars now employ APD officers to enhance club security.

Ramey, however, insists that his customers’ dignity will not be shaken by the recent surge in racist rhetoric.

Ramey remarked, “It’s a reminder of the hatred that still exists in America, but we have to go on living our lives and being proud of who we are.”

Source: Yahoo News

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