Atlanta Business Owners Expect That the Reopening of the Cheshire Bridge Would Revitalise the Economy

The shops and restaurants along a popular shortcut will soon be open again.

A year has passed since Cheshire Bridge was last open. It’s conveniently located close to both Interstate 85 and Lenox Road. A fire a year ago forced the closure of the bridge, which has caused nothing but trouble ever since.

Reopen This Month

Now the bridge could reopen by the end of the month, and companies are becoming impatient.

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Taqueria Del Sol manager George Trusler told Channel 2 Action News, “Lunches have fallen quite a bit and we’ve lost some clients because of that.”

Trusler, whose company is situated on Cheshire Bridge, has had to sit tight and observe for quite some time.

“It was a bit alarming that the city waited until July 1 to start building, from the time they tore down the bridge to the time they put the barriers up,” he added. They didn’t begin until July 1st, so in that short time they’ve accomplished quite a bit.

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Steps away from Taqueria Del Sol is this bridge, which was destroyed by fire in August of 2021 and had to be demolished and rebuilt.

Many businesses suffered because of the closure of Cheshire Bridge along this portion while the work was being done.

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