Athlete with Rare Medical Condition Sets World Record

Zion Clark, an athlete born without legs, has inspired hundreds of people. Clark was born without legs due to a rare condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome. He set a new record for the fastest man to walk 20 meters on his hands on February 15, 2021, according to Guinness World Records, doing so in 4.78 seconds. He has now accomplished two additional world records.


Clark set the record for the highest box jump he could perform using his hands. He successfully broke the record in his initial attempt by effortlessly clearing 30 inches. Then, he broke his previous record by 33 inches. For his second record, Clark had to beat the previous mark for the most pushups in a three-minute period. He failed his first try because he fell behind by 54 pushups. His second try, though, saw him break the record by performing 248 pushups.

Zion responded that the male diamond pushup record was more tough when asked which record offered a larger challenge. “Doing these pushups, you cap 100, 150, 200, that is when true pain starts in, [and] you are going to either fold and stop, or you are going to say screw it and keep pushing until you achieve that objective,” he continued.

On Twitter, Guinness World Records posted a video of Clark shattering these records. “It’s TWO new records for the man with no excuses, Zion Clark,” was said in the caption. This video has received numerous likes and comments along with 10,000 views since it was shared. In the Twitter comments, one person commented,  “You are truly amazing. God bless you.”  There was another who said, “Really no excuse.” “Take a bow, Zion Clark. You are an inspiration,”  stated a third.


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