Atlanta Citizens Discuss Strategies To Combat Juvenile Violence And Crime

ATLANTA – Tuesday evening, the Citywide Public Safety Commission conducted a special meeting to examine strategies to combat adolescent violence and crime. In addition, the committee urged community members to express their thoughts on how to solve the issue.

This encounter occurred a few weeks after police claimed adolescents on the 17th Street Bridge near Atlantic Station shot and murdered a 12- and 15-year-old kid and wounded others.


Several people advised that officials interact directly with adolescents. One resident said, “Where is this communal leadership, not only from the top down? Why aren’t we crafting these initiatives with these children in the room?” Another individual thought mentoring might be the key to transforming a child’s life.

“I have gone to federal jail for narcotics. I am living proof of this, and simple statements like mine are required to effect change, “The gentleman said. “If we can find a means to convey to youngsters who resemble us that we made a good shift in our lives, then we will have succeeded.”

One neighbor thinks that after-school activities should be introduced or increased.

The resident inquired, “Can we attempt to pick up middle and high school students for after-school programs?” “Typically, they are limited to elementary school, but many of these middle and high school students go home to no one and may conduct crimes.”

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