Aspiring Model Is Stabbed to Death by Her Roommate

The New York City Police Department released a statement saying a homeless shelter resident in Manhattan is suspected of stabbing a young woman trying to make it as a model on December 16.

According to the latest information from the NYPD, 42-year-old Charmaine Croffman is wanted for questioning in the stabbing death of 27-year-old Victoria Goode. According to multiple news sources, the fight started after the couple argued about the volume of their shared bedroom’s stereo system.

Goode, a resident of the Project Renewal New Providence Women‘s Shelter on East 45th Street, was discovered at around 10 p.m. with multiple stab wounds in a corridor on the sixth floor.

Melinda Anders, 63, another shelter resident, told the New York Daily News, “I heard a lot of screaming, and I came out, went upstairs, and seen a lot of blood in the hallway.” “This gave me a stomach ache. That’ll stick with me for a while… I even heard it on the ground floor.”

Surveillance footage shows Croffman committing the attack and discarding the bloody knife in a public trash can. (THE PEOPLE were unable to watch this movie.)

Following a citywide search, Croffman was located four days later. At this time, she remains detained without bond, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig’s press conference.

According to the Daily News, Goode left Oklahoma City and relocated to New York City five years ago in hopes of becoming a successful runway model. Though she had just finished a photo shoot for VOGUE Mexico, money was still tight for her. As a result, she was forced to seek temporary shelter at women’s shelters or with friends while she searched for a more permanent solution to her housing situation.

Her loved ones have opened up about the possible hardships Goode faced at the shelter before her untimely death.

The victim’s father said Goode was afraid of her roommate. James Goode, 65, told the New York Post that the victim’s mother told him that her daughter was afraid for her life prior to the attack. More than once, she called the police and complained to the shelter.

‘My baby’s gone, my only daughter,’ the distraught father sobbed to the Post.

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New Providence, the name given to the shelter where Goode was killed, has a history of violence and has raised security concerns among its residents.

I don’t feel safe here,” one local told the Daily News. That way “is not safe.” As of this writing, the shelter has made no response to the allegations, but a spokesperson for the 17th Precinct Council of the New York City Police Department claimed in a videotaped briefing that there had been “suspicious incidents” and “many disturbing things [at that shelter], so it’s not surprising that an incident of this kind occurred there. We’re doing what we can to help things there get better.”

To raise money for Goode’s funeral and to get her body back to Oklahoma, her brother has started a GoFundMe page. On Tuesday night, police arrested Croffman and said he would be charged with murder. We don’t know if she’s issued a plea or hired an attorney.

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