Arizona’s Toughest City for Residents

Picking the “worst” city in Arizona depends on what people care about. But if we look at things like crime, how many folks are struggling financially, job options, living costs, and how good life feels overall, some cities end up lower on the list.

In a recent study by 24/7 Wall St., they found New Kingman-Butler as the least favorable city in Arizona. In that area, around 23.3% of people are struggling with poverty.

The typical home there costs about $79,300, and households make around $39,139 each year. Also, there’s a higher rate of deaths related to drugs, about 27.8 per 100,000 people.

Why New Kingman-Butler is Arizona’s “Worst City to Live”?

Why New Kingman-Butler is Arizona's Worst City to Live?
Why New Kingman-Butler is Arizona’s Worst City to Live?

Several reasons contribute to why New Kingman-Butler got labeled the “Worst City to Live in Arizona”:

Lots of People Struggling Financially:

About 23.3% of folks there live in poverty, way higher than the average in Arizona. Being in this situation can lead to more crime, health problems, and trouble getting important services.

Not Much Money Around:

The typical household in New Kingman-Butler makes around $39,139 a year, way less than the average in Arizona, which is $65,913. Having less money makes it tough to pay for basics like housing, food, and healthcare.

More Deaths From Drugs:

There are about 27.8 deaths for every 100,000 people because of drugs in New Kingman-Butler. That’s higher than the state’s average. It happens because of things like poverty, not enough access to help, and more people getting addicted.

Fewer Job Chances:

There aren’t many jobs around in New Kingman-Butler, and even the ones there often don’t pay much. That makes it hard for people to find good jobs and make enough money.

Higher Crime:

The place has a lot of crime, especially when it comes to property. It’s about 470% higher than what usually happens across the country. This makes people feel unsafe and makes businesses not want to invest there.

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Arizona’s Other Toughest Places to Live

Some other cities in Arizona that folks might not fancy living in so much are:


Lots of crime happens here, especially stuff like stealing. It’s way higher, about 470%, than what usually happens across the whole country.


Used to be big on mining, but that industry isn’t doing so well now. That means fewer jobs and more folks dealing with not having enough money.

Casa Grande:

Living costs a lot here, especially when it comes to houses. It’s way more expensive compared to what most people pay across the country.


Many people here are struggling with not having enough money, and the typical household doesn’t make a lot.


This place deals with a good amount of crime too, and not many folks finish school.

Remember, these are just a few examples. There might be more cities in Arizona that aren’t the best fit for everyone. The right city for you in Arizona depends on what you need and like.

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