Area COVID Cases Down Or Steady As Ohio Rate Increases

As the statewide rate of new COVID-19 cases increased, area counties saw their numbers decline or rise slightly, according to the latest statistics from the Ohio Department of Health.

Estimating excess mortality due to the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic analysis of COVID-19-related mortality, 2020–21 - The Lancet

After two weeks with the highest rate per 100,000 of all of Ohio’s 88 counties — but less than 50 actual cases in both two-week periods — Morgan County dropped to 53rd with 31 new cases and a rate of 213.7 per 100,000 from Nov. 24 to Dec. 7. The county of 14,508 residents had 45 new cases and a rate of 310.2 from Nov. 17-30.

Monroe County had been fourth-highest in the state with a rate of 278.3 per 100,000 on 38 cases among its 13,654 residents in the earlier period. In the most recent two-week span, Monroe had 24 new cases and its rate of 175.8 was 76th.

Athens County, population 65,327, saw actual cases rise from 105 to 108, but its rate dropped from 68th (160.7) to 79th (165.3).

Washington County reported 93 new cases among its 59,911 residents for a rate of 155.2 (85th). In the earlier period, the county had 102 new cases and a rate of 170.3 (63rd).

Despite going from eight new cases to 10, Noble County’s rate remained the second lowest in the state for the third consecutive week. It was 69.3 per 100,000, up from 55.5.

The statewide rate rose from 197.5 per 100,000 to 231.5. Brown County had the highest rate in the state at 361.5 per 100,000, on 157 cases among its 43,432 residents.

Although its rate decreased, Washington County remained medium on the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID Community Level measure, which factors in new cases per 100,000 people and hospitalization statistics in the preceding seven days. Monroe County was also medium, after being classified as low last week.

Under a medium designation, the agency recommends people at increased risk of serious illness to talk with their health care provider about precautions like masking.

A high designation carries recommendation of masking in indoor, public spaces. No area counties were listed as high.

Athens, Morgan and Noble counties remained on low, where the recommendations are to keep up to date on vaccinations and get tested if COVID symptoms develop.


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