Are Nick and Danielle of Love is Blind Season 2 still in a relationship?

It was through a Netflix social experiment that Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson met and fell in love.

The two met on the set of the second season of the famous reality show Love Is Blind, which debuted on the streaming service in 2022.

They were the first to become engaged that season and Ruhl and Thompson hit it off immediately. Their Chicago wedding was on June 8th, 2021.

The couple had been married for over a year when, in August of 2022, Ruhl filed for divorce from Thompson.

Thompson told PEOPLE a few months before their split that they had been in couples counseling for “nearly the entire time since we’ve finished [the program].”

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl, from the moment they met in the pods to the announcement of their impending divorce, is right here.

In season 2 of “Love Is Blind,” who plays Nick? I need to know more about Nick Thompson, who appears in the second season of Love Is Blind.

Nick, a Chicago native, is 36 years old and a vice president of product marketing. Nick can be found on Instagram at @nthompson513.

Nick’s Instagram post of a Love Is Blind season 2 headshot and the caption “I’m a bit of a clean freak” came shortly after he was revealed as a series regular.

With the remark, “It’s been quite an experience hunting for love, at times in all the wrong places,” he shared his story.

As the second season of @loveisblindnetflix debuts on February 11, I am thrilled to ask you all to join me on my adventure to discover if love is blind.

For those of you watching Love Is Blind, who is the second season’s Danielle?

When does season 2 of Love Is Blind begin, and who is Danielle Ruhl?

From Chicago, Danielle is 29 years old and an associate director in marketing. The Instagram handle for Danielle is @dnellruhl.

Danielle uses a statement from The Office’s Michael Scott in her bio, “I want people to be terrified of how much they adore me.”

Shortly after learning that she would be appearing in the second season of Love Is Blind, Danielle posted an Instagram photo of herself from the program with the message, “who am I smilin’ about???

She also shared a scene from the pilot episode where she introduces Nick to “wine Danielle.”

Who’s up for a date with Wine Danielle on the 11th of February? Danielle penned the inscription for the caption.

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