Are Nathan and Holly Still Together?

Nathan and Holly met on day one and appeared as a pair in Too Hot to Handle. Fans couldn’t get enough of them, whether it was because they were madly in love or because they completely depleted the prize fund with all of their rule-breaking. Fans want to know whether or not they still click in the real world now that the cameras are off and they left the villas hand in hand. So are Nathan and Holly still together?

Following his expulsion from the competition due to persistent rule-breaking, Nathan received a second chance to re-enter the group when he participated in a solo retreat that compelled him to examine his innermost thoughts and come to terms with his feelings for Holly. He was given a challenge after receiving permission from Lana to return: spend the night in the private apartment with Holly without disobeying any regulations. Fortunately, they were successful, and Lana rewarded them by reimbursing them $90,000 from the prize money.

Lana claimed that Nathan was one of the contestants who had grown the most during the Too Hot to Handle season 3 finale. While Nathan finished in second place, he and Holly left the villa still much in love.

Holly and Nathan acknowledged that leaving the villa was difficult on their relationship even though they were unquestionably the hottest couple in the house.

“I wouldn’t say that it failed to succeed. There are a few variables that came into play, and I believe COVID was one of them. It’s certainly not simple, especially during a pandemic, Holly stated at the Too Hot to Handle virtual reunion.

She added that timing and execution were everything as she completed her degree.

I suppose that concludes Nathan and Holly’s story. But perhaps we shouldn’t completely rule them out? Even though they aren’t currently formally dating, it seems like they might be interested in doing so when the time is right.

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