AOC Tests Positive for Covid-19 After Going Maskless in Miami

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-office Cortez’s statement on Sunday night stated that she had tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a statement, the lawmaker is said to be recuperating from the infection at home and suffering symptoms. According to a press release, Ocasio-Cortez had a booster injection in the fall.

The congresswoman’s positive coronavirus test comes just a few days after she was seen sans a mask at a Miami bar.

The National Review also claimed on December 30 that Ocasio-Cortez was seen without a mask in Miami with her boyfriend at an outdoor restaurant.

While she was in Florida, Ocasio-home Cortez’s state of New York was seeing a record spike in coronavirus infections owing to the spread of the omicron variety.

Congresswoman reacted by pointing out that Republicans were “projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet.”

“To ignore the sexual frustrations that underlie the Republican obsession with me, women, and LGBT+ people, in general, is becoming tiresome. These folks need therapy, but they refuse to get it, so they turn to politics as a substitute. It’s a little out of this world “Ocasio-Cortez made the following statement.

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