Anxious whether The Character ‘Chishiya’ Dies in the Series ‘Alice in Borderland’-Clear All Your Doubts Here

A similar set of dangerous challenges had been featured on the Japanese show ‘Alice In Borderland’, which had already captivated viewers.

The show follows Arisu and a group of unfortunate players who are transported to a post-apocalyptic Tokyo and forced to compete in a series of games symbolized by different playing cards. Since his introduction in the first season, Shuntar Chishiya has played a crucial role in ‘Alice in Borderland’, always looking for opportunities to manipulate those around him.

Fan anxiety and speculation about Chishiya’s fate have been fueled by episode 7 of season 2 of Alice in Borderland, in which he is left critically wounded.  Chechnya does not perish at the end of the second season of Alice in Borderland.

Chechnya is shot twice and allowed to bleed out for the rest of episodes 7 and 8. In the last seconds of episode 7, Arisu and Usagi stroll back by him on their way to the Queen of Hearts game.

Once the couple has completed the task, the remaining survivors, including Chishiya, will be given a choice: accept permanent residency in the alien realm or decline and go home. In addition to Chechnya, only Banda and Yaba have accepted the offer; therefore, the number of survivors who have done such increased.

 Chishiya and the other survivors find themselves at a hospital with Niragi lying next to one of the beds

Chechnya, who had previously spent much of his time plotting and manipulating other people, is a changed man and resolves to turn his life around even though none of the survivors remember what happened to them in the Borderlands or who each other are.

The final scene of episode 8 hints that Chechnya and the other survivors may not have made it back to the real world. The camera slowly moves towards a table in the hospital courtyard, where a deck of cards has been carelessly thrown down.

An unexpected breeze begins to sweep the table, leaving only the Joker. There is a strong implication that the survivors have not returned. Instead, it’s probably the start of the third and final phase of the deadly games, in which the Joker cards act as a sort of wild card trickster to be avoided at all costs.


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