Opinion: Ancient Humans Had Four Best Things We Lack Today

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They had beds with pesticides built-in

The ancient humans had comfortable places to sleep even without one of those fancy mattresses you own now. It has been found that cozy grass beds existed 200,000 years ago in Border Caves of South Africa. To prevent dirt from adhering to their bedding and to repel crawling insects, ancient humans laid their bedding above an ash layer.

They interacted with eight different human species

In 300,000 years ago, nine different types of humans roamed the Earth, according to studies. Those who lived on the cold steppes of the European land were stocky hunters called Homo neanderthalensis. The first upright humans lived in Indonesia and were known as Homo erectus.

In Asia, Denisovans lived alongside Homo rhodesiensis, who lived in central Asia. The short species Homo naledi, Homo luzonensis, and Homo floresiensis all had small brains. They lived in South Africa, the Philippines, and Indonesia, respectively. There were also large areas of China occupied by the mysterious people of Red Deer Cave.

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Walking on pyroclastic flows was possible

Pyroclastic flows are fast-moving currents of hot gas and volcanic matter. They reach temperatures as high as 1830 degrees Fahrenheit and average sixty-two miles per hour. A humanoid footprint found on volcanic rocks in Roccamonfina, Italy, could only have formed from this condition 345,000 years ago.

The neighborhood was multi-species

Over the evolutionary timeline, nine different human species thrived in different parts of the planet at different times. According to a few studies, three human species coexisted in South Africa around 1,900,000 years ago. They were all human species, but their ancestors did not include us – A. africanus, Paranthropus robustus, H. erectus.

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