An Ohio Woman Skateboards From Chicago To New York City For Charity

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (AP) — Raveena Adams uses skateboarding to care for herself. She enjoys it so much that she recently took Chicago on a New York skate trip, not just for skating fun.

“It’s like a mental release, a stress release, like when you’re just out and about moving freely.” “She stated. “It’s a lot more enjoyable than driving.”

She regards herself as a long-distance runner.

“When you’re driving on the freeway and stuff, don’t see much.” “She stated. “When you’re going 60 or 70 mph, this is all you see, but when you’re doing long-distance skating or biking, you see a lot more. For example, you may visit small towns, back roads, and cities.”

Adams has previously taken long-distance skate trips from Cleveland to major cities such as Cincinnati and Niagara Falls. She has recently returned from another achievement.

“Originally, I planned to skate from Seattle to New York City, but I felt something was wrong. wrong off, and I felt like I wasn’t ready for it, so I changed my plans.” “She stated.

“As a result, I decided to take the skate trip to the next level. As a result, I decided to travel from Chicago to New York City.”

She claimed it took her 19 days to complete. Adams divided the trip into two, with a brief stop in Cleveland on her way to New York City.

“I’m originally from Cleveland.” “She stated. “I live in Cleveland, so I gave myself a two-week [break]. To heal, for example. Rejuvenate.”

These allowances are in line with the purpose of her trip. She stated that she chose to skate this distance to raise awareness for various causes.

“Mental health, racial disparities, and women’s rights,” Adams explained.
Adams added that she received encouragement and donations along the way but faced numerous challenges, such as rough roads, traffic, and bad weather.

“I mean, it’s a mixed bag,” Adams explained. “As if it could test you physically, mentally, and even spiritually.” It’s quite a bit.”

Despite the difficulties and the fact that Adams only brought a few belongings in a backpack, Adams declared the trip a success.

“When I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, I had a big emotional outburst, like crying.” I was practically in tears. “When I got to Times Square, I was like, ‘Heck yeah,'” Adams said.

Adams has returned to Cleveland and stated that she would rest and recover. However, she said she would be back on the road soon for another long-distance trip.

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