An Employee Of Maintenance Detained For Bringing A Gun Into A Dc Public School

WASHINGTON (AP) — Authorities said a maintenance worker was arrested Monday for bringing a registered gun to a D.C. high school.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the recovery occurred at Anacostia High School shortly before 10 a.m. after police received a weapon report.

The school had requested a maintenance worker for repairs, and he arrived with a registered gun in his bag. When the worker walked through a metal detector, the weapon was discovered. The police did not say whether the gun was loaded.

The man was detained on school property for having a gun, which is prohibited on all D.C. Public School campuses. There were no reported injuries.

“Please know that no one was harmed, and the incident was handled promptly following our security procedures,” said DCPS Press Secretary Deborah Isaac.

“During this incident, all students and staff were safe and supervised.”
At this time, it is unknown what charges the employee will face. As new details emerge, they will be added.

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