Amendments to the SAFE-T Act are signed into law by Pritzker

On Tuesday, Governor JB Pritzker signed a set of revisions and clarifications to the SAFE-T Act, which was initially enacted in 2021.

This Monday, both chambers of the Illinois legislature unanimously approved House Bill 1095, which specifies definitions of purposeful flight and dangerousness and other amendments in preparation for the state’s switch to cashless bail on January 1, 2023.

To end a system where wealthy violent offenders can buy their way out of jail while less fortunate nonviolent offenders remain in prison for trial, the General Assembly has enacted clarifications, and Governor JB Pritzker is happy.

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Many hours were spent by advocates and lawmakers working together to “strengthen and clarify this statute, honor our commitment to equity, and keep people safe.”

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In addition, the Act has been updated to make it clear that the courts have jurisdiction over electronic monitoring, to provide detailed guidelines for trespassing offenses, and to establish a grant program to assist public defenders with growing caseloads.

Source: 5Chicago

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