Alexandra Kay Divorce: The Truth About Her Marriage With Indiana Touchette

Popular American country singer Alexandra Kay rose to recognition in 2016 after releasing her debut hit, “No More.” She has a sizable and devoted following.

Some of her best-known songs include “That’s What Love Is” and “How Do We Go.” Her followers have been asking a lot of questions lately regarding her personal life, especially her marriage.

In September 2021, Alexandra Kay and her longtime partner, Indiana Touchette, a union laborer in the US, got married.

People are now curious as to whether they are still together, though. All the information you require regarding the couple is provided here.

Alexandra Kay’s Divorce

There are several rumors concerning whether Alexandra Kay is still married to Indiana Touchette.

Some claim they are still together, while others state that on October 27, 2022, they went through a divorce.

When Alexandra Kay shared on social media in January 2023 that she was unhappy in her relationship, the whispers of a divorce began.

She no longer wears her wedding band and no longer makes reference to her husband on social media.

We are unsure if they are still together because neither of them has addressed reports of their divorce.

Furthermore, there isn’t any trustworthy information indicating that they are no longer together. Thus the rumors of Alexandra Kay’s divorce remain just that—rumors.

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When Did Indiana Touchette and Alexandra Kay Marry?

Alexandra Kay and Indiana Touchette were married on September 25, 2021. In 2012, they went on their first official date after meeting in high school.

Alexandra Kay Divorce

In late 2019, Indiana proposed to Kay, and at A Pocket Full of Sunshine in Mount Vernon, Illinois, they were married in a modest ceremony. Tim Hastey, Indiana’s brother-in-law, officiated the ceremony.

Who is Indiana Touchette?

Milton Touchette Jr. and Audrey Touchette welcomed Indiana into the world in Millstadt, Illinois, where she was born.

His mother worked at the Millstadt Ambulance Service, while his father was a nurse anesthetist. After exchanging vows in 1970, they have been wed for 51 years.

Indiana has three siblings, namely John, Milton III, and Ashley. Milton III and John received their diplomas from Althoff Catholic High School.

John attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and worked at auto dealerships, while Milton attended Southwestern Illinois College and worked for a union.

John wed Kelly DeMond, and Milton wed Wendy Muskopf. Ashley received her diploma in television production from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2001 after graduating from Althoff Catholic High School in 1997.

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Alexandra Kay’s Dating History

People primarily discuss Alexandra Kay’s marriage to Indiana Touchette and her long-term relationship; she maintains her love life private.

Their journey from dating for a time to getting married in September 2021 is depicted in search results.

Respecting someone’s private life is crucial, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships.

Alexandra Kay respects her personal boundaries since she keeps her interactions with Indiana Touchettes private in spite of people’s curiosity.

Being a well-known singer, Alexandra Kay prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye in order to concentrate on her career and marriage.

It’s best to respect her privacy and the fact that there isn’t any confirmed information, even though people might speculate.

The commitment Alexandra Kay has shown to her marriage to Indiana Touchette demonstrates her desire to create a solid and long-lasting bond.

It serves as a gentle reminder to cherish their affection for one another right now. It is courteous and generous to allow her to maintain the privacy of her personal life when specifics are unclear and to express happiness for her in her marriage.

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