Alabama Radio 200-Foot Tower Robbery: Station Manager is Shocked by the Unprecedented Theft

In Alabama, a 200-foot radio tower was taken by bold robbers who put a nearby radio station on standby.

The Walker County, radio station personnel reportedly has no idea how the robbers managed to get away with the bulky steel structure.

However, WJLX station general manager Brett Elmore expressed hope that someone will give information to assist law enforcement in finding those responsible for the theft.

Nevertheless, he expressed his amazement at what transpired.

“I have tried all weekend to figure it out, and I just can’t,” Mr Elmore told local television station. “I have been in the radio business, around it all my life and then in it professionally for 26 years, and I can say I have never heard of anything like this. I can say I’ve seen it all now,” he added.

Alabama Radio 200-Foot Tower Vanishes Station Manager is Shocked by the Unprecedented Theft

When a landscaping crew went to the rural tower site on Friday to take care of the property—but there wasn’t much left to take care of—Elmore found out about the theft.

The station manager claimed, “When he arrived, he called me Friday and said, ‘The tower is gone.'”

“I said, ‘What do you mean the tower is gone? Are you sure you are at the right place?’ He said, ‘The tower is gone. There is wires everywhere, and it is gone.’”

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Elmore stated in a Facebook post that thieves broke the wires that held the tower together and took other equipment off the property.

Elmore stated that while the radio station will try to restore the tower, he wants thieves to know unequivocally that he will cooperate with law enforcement in their efforts to identify the perpetrator of the perplexing federal offense.

“This really hurts a small operation like this, but like I said, I believe we will find out who did this,” he remarked. “It is a federal crime and it absolutely will not be worth it to them.”

The suspects might spend up to 10 years in prison or be fined if they were discovered. According to Elmore, the tower was utilized by the radio station situated in Jasper for their AM broadcast.

Elmore stated that WJLX was successful in obtaining interim permission from the FCC to go on transmitting its AM channel via alternative channels.

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