Ahead Of The Midterm Elections, Celebrities Like Chris Pratt, Cher, Harry Styles, And More Support Political Candidates

As the midterm elections approach, some celebrities have expressed their political views.

Chris Pratt endorsed a political candidate on Sunday, endorsing billionaire Rick Caruso for mayor of Los Angeles.

Caruso, who previously registered as a Republican, will face Congresswoman Karen Bass in the midterm elections on Tuesday. Bass was re-elected to his sixth congressional term in the 37th congressional district in November 2020. Bass and Caruso are running to take over for outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Meanwhile, at a sold-out show last month in Austin, Texas, Harry Styles endorsed Democrat Beto O’Rourke for Texas governor.

Harry Styles, Cher, and Chris Pratt have all been open about their political endorsements in the run-up to Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Here are some other celebrities who have shared their mentions:

Katy Perry’s
On Monday, Katy Perry took to Instagram to announce that she voted for Rick Caruso for mayor of Los Angeles. “I vote for a variety of reasons (see news), but mostly because Los Angeles is a shambles,” she captioned her voting selfie.


 Selena Gomez,

On Monday, Selena Gomez announced on her Instagram Story that she supports Beto O’Rourke.
Selena Gomez has endorsed Beto O’Rourke for governor of Texas.

“I had the honor of meeting Beto O’Rourke a few years ago and was completely blown away by him.” him.” Please vote for him if you live in Texas, my home state.”

Schneider, Rob
Rob Schneider endorsed Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on Twitter on Monday.

“My family left California and moved to the Free State of Arizona because individual liberties were being trampled under the guise of liberalism, which was just authoritarianism in disguise,” she wrote at the beginning of her tweet.

“These Democratic-led states have made Americans’ lives more difficult.” “I’m voting for Kari Lake,” Schneider said at the end.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night comedian On Friday, tweeted a video endorsement of Democratic Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, who is running for re-election against Republican nominee Adam Laxalt.

Kimmel took to Twitter in a campaign-style ad, telling viewers, “If there’s one point on which I believe we can all agree, it’s that unbalanced people don’t have a place in the Senate, and that is why I do not approve Adam Laxalt.”

“14 members of Laxalt’s family support his opponent, Catherine Cortez-Masto,” Kimmel claimed. Why? Because they are familiar with him.”

Cortez Masto gave Kimmel a direct endorsement at the end.

“I don’t care which side you’re on. Nevada requires a rational senator. Cortez Masto, Catherine, I’m familiar with her. Clark High School was where we both went. She’s a nice person and a hard worker. What’s more, guess what? Her family supports her.”

legend of John
On Sunday, John Legend took to Twitter to support Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia.

“Georgia Voters: I’m running for Governor with Stacey Abrams!” The Legend began his tweet, “We’ve seen how hard Stacey has worked for ALL Georgians.”

“Now let us make history on November 8, 2008.” VOTE!”

Legend has also endorsed Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan. Last month, Ryan took to Twitter to share a video of Legend asking people to vote for the politician.

“In this situation, the stakes are higher than ever, and we’re in a race against time ready can’t afford to sit back and do nothing,” Legend said.

Cher is endorsing two political candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

The “goddess of pop” took to Twitter on Sunday to support Kathy Hochul for governor of New York and Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate.

“What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas,” Cher said in her video. “This will impact the entire country,” she said in a video supporting Cortez Masto.

“Please vote for Senator Cortez Masto and make a difference,” she said.
Graham, Heather
Heather Graham used Twitter on Monday to urge her followers to vote on Tuesday. “Everyone is voting on Tuesday, and if you live in my home state of Wisconsin, your vote is crucial!” she wrote.

Graham responded with a tweet supporting Mandela Barnes for Senate and Tony Evers for Governor of Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin has the nation’s oldest anti-abortion law, which prohibits many doctors from providing abortions to women, and is one of the tightest races in this election,” Graham captioned his video while dancing in a shirt that read, “I will help and encourage Abortion.”

“Support Mandela Barnes and Tony Evers because they have sworn to protect women,” she added.

Washington, Kerry
Kerry Washington took to TikTok last week to endorse Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia.

Washington is seen dancing in the video. Next to a text that reads, “A woman who wants fair elections and the right to vote for all.”

The video then cuts to Abrams dancing alongside the text, “The woman fighting to do it for Georgia.”
Andrew Cohen
On Monday, Andy Cohen took to Twitter to support Trudy Busch Valentine, a US Senate candidate in Missouri.

“Greetings from Missouri!” Please consider supporting Trudy Busch Valentine by voting. She has no one to answer to but you!”

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