After Texas Accident, Pentagon Grounds F-35s Until January

Western nations showed interest in the F-35 in 2022, increasing sales. This fifth-generation Lockheed Martin aircraft was grounded several times in 2022 due to disagreements.

On December 25, Israel grounded 11 F-35A stealth planes, damaging the Lightning II’s reputation. After an F-35B crashed in Texas earlier this month, The Jerusalem Post revealed the decision.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli F-35 aircraft was grounded after an early investigation found parallels between the Israeli fighter’s problems and those that may have caused the US fighter’s accident.

11 Planes Grounded as Precaution

However, both the IDF and Lockheed Martin said that they were unsure whether the F-35A in the IDF fleet had the same technical issues as the F-35B involved in the Texas disaster.

Following the Dec. 15 incident, the F-35 Joint Program Office grounded some of its new Joint Strike Fighters.

The Pentagon Grounds F-35 Fighters Until January Following Texas Accident |  Tech Times

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The F-35 Joint Program Office announced on December 27 that it had issued instructions due to the event and that certain higher-risk F-35s would remain grounded until January.

The F-35’s stealth and ability to strike targets in hostile nations without being detected by enemy radars and defensive systems make it the Israeli Air Force’s centerpiece.

The USAF F-35B plane made an initial arrival on December 15, 10 days before the Israeli decision, then bounced back into the air before landing nose-first on the runway. Before ejecting, the nose gear collapsed and the jet tumbled.

Tragedy Shook the Jewish Nation

The USAF pilot was flying the aircraft, but the manufacturer had not yet given it to the military.

The Israeli decision to stop the F-35 ten days after the mistake is worth investigating, but it is not the first time this year.

F-35 fighters are grounded by the Pentagon until January following the  Texas accident

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The US and Israel briefly grounded their F-35 fighter fleets in July when a problematic component was found in the ejection seat.

The IDF’s decision was predicated on the USAF’s halting operations. In July, IAF chief Maj.-Gen.

Tomer Bar ceased operations after examining the fleet and having two aircraft checked daily by IAF personnel utilising Lockheed Martin technology. Ejection seat-equipped planes flew again.


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