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After a disappointing turnout in Las Vegas, the organizers of the United States Freedom Convoy have changed their plans.


When only five trucks arrived at the event, the organizers of the United States’ “Freedom Convoy” swiftly changed their plans. A group of truckers departed California on Friday in order to travel to Washington, D.C., to demonstrate their opposition to COVID rules.

Organizers disclosed that the turnout at the tour’s first stop in Las Vegas was extremely low. When they realized that just a small number of people were showing up, they decided to cancel what was supposed to be a 10-day event.



Convoy organizers anticipated that “1,000 to 2,000” truckers will participate in the “Freedom Convoy USA 2022.” The thoughts of the group were consistent with those expressed by truckers protesting in Canada over the previous month.

Because there were only a handful of people in attendance, the now-disbanded group encouraged truckers to join other, larger anti-mandate groups that were already on their way to Washington, DC.

Many of the requirements that have been the subject of the opposition have been repealed. While many people are still protesting, it is clear that this had an impact on the group’s decision to abandon their planned rallies along the way in Washington, D.C.

“Important information to share! “We had a good attendance of supporters during the launch in California, but we only had 5 trucks with us when we arrived in Vegas,” the organization posted on Facebook after the launch.

The gang intended to travel through Salt Lake City, Denver, and Kansas City on their way to their destination. However, following the event in Las Vegas, they decided to abandon their plans.

The goal is to avoid another rally without our truckers… It was announced on social media Saturday morning that the team will not be passing through Salt Lake City and Denver.

Supporters of the Freedom Convoy are directed to join larger groups by the organization’s organizers.
Truckers were encouraged to join the far larger “People’s Convoy,” according to the organizers.

This crew of more than 100 trucks has raised about $1 million in donations and has also left California on the same day they began their journey. Aside from that, “Freedom Convoy” organizers urged truckers to join “The Texas Convoy,” another group with a larger following than “The Freedom Convoy.”

“There are two other convoys that have drawn large crowds and are currently en route to the Washington, DC region,” says the spokesperson. They are referred known as The People’s Convoy (which was the first convoy to launch out of Cali.) ”

The post stated that the group in issue was currently in the state of New Mexico at the time of publication. “…as well as the Texas Convoy, which will depart shortly,” the organizers said on social media.

It went on to say, “We have made the decision to send any truckers who have been scheduled to meet on our routes to start traveling to DC for the event on the National Mall, or to join the convoys indicated above as they are about to merge into one,” according to the Facebook post.

When the truckers arrive in Maryland and Washington, DC, we will distribute the $6,500 we have raised to them,” said the group. Anyone with questions or who wishes to get their money returned should contact the organizers via an email address provided in the post.

In order to plan the National Mall Gathering, which will begin on March 1st, Kyle Sefcik has been working relentlessly with the District of Columbia authorities. Updates on the big convoys that are coming together as they travel throughout the country will be posted on this page.”

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