Actor Ray Duffer Charged with Theft, Captured on Camera

A comic book business in San Diego accuses actor Ray Duffer of stealing comics while being monitored by their surveillance cameras.

Southern California Books apparently provided TMZ with security camera evidence of Duffer cramming comics under his shirt.

Duffer Took Around $600 Worth of Comic Books

The proprietor of a Los Angeles comics shop told TMZ that Duffer attempted the same act there, but was stopped before he could escape with the books under his shirt.

The proprietors of Southern California Comics told TMZ that Duffer took around $600 worth of comic books.

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They also filed a complaint with the San Diego Police Department and will provide evidence, including surveillance video, to law enforcement.

The police have received an allegation of petty theft and are investigating. The actor removed all of his public accounts when the store’s proprietors started calling him out on social media.

The proprietors said in a 5 October Facebook post that they had immediately contacted Duffer.

The post states, “We gave him the option of returning our stuff (we know what he stole since earlier in the video he is shown holding the books). we would give it over to the authorities. He sent us an email claiming we were bothering him. Indeed, we are. “

The proprietors also revealed security camera video from Los Angeles’s Metropolis Comics.

The tape apparently shows Duffer attempting to replicate his actions in San Diego. However, an employee of the Los Angeles shop questioned Duffer, who attempted to return the comics as the store owner threatened to call the police.

TMZ did not Get a response from Duffer on the Claims

Since the early 1990s, Duffer has mostly appeared in tiny television and film parts.

The Mahalia Jackson Story, The Invisible Plot, Everything’s Fine, ER, The West Wing, Curb Your Enthusiasm, JAG, Hulk, and Malcolm in the Middle have all featured him in small roles.

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Duffer had an uncredited part as a Russian thug in the summer release Bullet Train, starring Brad Pitt.

Recently, rare comic novels have sold for millions of dollars at auction. Action Comics #1 from 1938 sold for $3.4 million on Goldin in September, only months after selling for $3.4 million at Heritage Auctions, according to Artnet.

In January, Superman #1 from 1939 sold for $5.3 million at a private auction, making it the most expensive comic ever sold.

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