Acquittal of Gilbert Rozon: “exact proof of the limits of the justice system”

The acquittal verdict at Gilbert Rozon’s trial is rather bitter for Les Courageuses, this group of women who had filed a class action against the humor mogul.

“I’m not surprised,” said Patricia Tulasne, spokesperson for the grouping, in an interview with Denis Lévesque. We have not been so unsuccessful in this story. It’s been three years since all the doors have been closed in front of us. ”

For Ms. Tulasne, the trial is proof that the justice system is outdated.

“This is exact proof of the limits of the justice system. This proves once again that the justice system is not suited to victims of sexual assault. It is not possible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the victim of a sexual assault, ”says Tulasne.

The latter does not question the presumption of innocence, a principle that it considers “very important”.

“We receive as a feeling of injustice the fact that a judge clearly says ” I do not believe his version, I think he is guilty, but I am obliged to acquit him ”. For us, this is proof that the system does not work ”, indignant Patricia Tulasne.

According to her, there is reason to change the rules of law. “There is something serious about letting someone go free that you think is deeply guilty. It’s almost as if we were his accomplice, ”she denounces.

She also calls on victims to continue to denounce their attacker. The more denunciations there are, the more the system will be forced to take victims seriously, she said.

The Courageuses are currently evaluating the option of filing individual appeals against Gilbert Rozon, but nothing has been confirmed for the moment, notes Patricia Tulasne.

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