According to Officials, the Body of a Kidnapped Woman Spotted Inside an Abandoned SUV in Southeast Houston

According to Pasadena police, Daniel Chacon is a person of interest in the killing of Maira Gutierrez. A kidnapping claim was made hours before her corpse was discovered.

Investigators are looking for a man who is suspected of kidnapping a lady in southeast Houston.

An arrest warrant has been issued for 30-year-old Daniel Chacon in connection with the aggravated abduction of 38-year-old Maira Gutierrez. Investigators are currently pursuing any clues in the case.

The Kidnapping

On Monday morning, shortly before 10 a.m., Pasadena police received reports of a lady. subsequently they identified as Gutierrez, being forced into an SUV at gunpoint at an apartment complex off Red Bluff Road near Beltway 8.

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After talking to witnesses, the police said they were able to figure out that Chacon was the person who took the girl.

Body Found

Authorities say they discovered Gutierrez’s corpse in the SUV at 3 p.m. on Monday. It had been abandoned on Cedar Crest Street, close to where Mykawa Road and the South Loop meet.

It seemed like the SUV had been driven off the road and left near a warehouse or distribution hub. Highway barriers, according to the police, were kept there.

On Tuesday, the police said that Chacon was the main person they were looking for in the death of Gutierrez.

Domestic Violence Reports

There have been two more recent domestic disturbance investigations involving Gutierrez and Chacon.

According to investigators, Gutierrez phoned the police twice in September. An investigator was appointed to the investigation, but authorities said that no charges were filed against Chacon.

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“There have been a few disruptions in recent weeks,” Pasadena Police Sgt. Raul Granados said on Monday.

“This was changing quickly. Those were still being investigated. Charges had not yet been acknowledged, therefore we are here today. This is a tragic circumstance for everyone concerned, particularly the woman who lost her life. “

According to family relatives, Chacon and Gutierrez did not live together but did have a 5-month-old kid. According to police, the youngster is safe.

Granados gave some advice to Chacon: “You must surrender. Don’t make things more difficult for anybody. “Turn yourself in calmly.”

Chacon’s History

According to court documents, Chacon has a history of domestic violence charges going back to 2012.

In 2017, a woman reported to Houston police that he hit her in the face and placed her in a chokehold until she almost passed out.

The woman said that Chacon, whom she identified as her common-law spouse, had taken her phone and refused to allow her to leave the house.

According to court records, Chacon pled guilty to a class A misdemeanour while facing felony charges for assault on a family member and obstruction of breathing.

Chacon entered a not guilty plea to a second misdemeanour assault on a family member in December 2012. In March 2012, he faced similar charges, although they were eventually dropped.

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