According to Experts, Ohio’s Sports Betting Market could be Second in the Nation in the Next Year

After its legalization on January 1, 2023, Ohio is expected to lead the nation in sports betting. According to a report by BonusFinder, Ohio is the best place to place a sports bet, according to GamblingNews.

According to Mike Mazzeo of the Legal Sports Reporter, PlayOhio predicts the state will bring in $8 billion in wagers in 2023. Mazzeo stated, “That’s pretty strong; it’s right up there with New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Nevada.” Due to the abundance of professional sports clubs in the state, Mazzeo is not shocked by the forecasts.

Ohio has the seventh-largest population in the United States and a fervent fan base

He said, “You have a lot of cities,” including Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, “with big sports teams, and so there is going to be a lot of drivers there.” The novel “three-tier betting structure” that will be in place is another reason Ohioans are predicted to bet in large numbers.

Ohioans can place Bets in three distinct ways: online, at casinos, or at kiosks dispersed around the state. He explained that in addition to traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, casinos also offer retail locations and automated lottery kiosks. Mazzeo reports that the head of the Ohio Gaming Control Commission has assured the public that preparations are being made and demands can be met.

“The number of licenses had increased significantly since Thursday, when there were 3,800, according to Mazzeo. OCCC Chair June Taylor is working practically nonstop to accommodate everyone who wants to go live on January 1.” In his speech, Mazzeo urged Ohio residents to check sportsbooks for legitimacy before placing bets.


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