A Zion Man Robbed Seven Banks in Chicago and Suburbs-FBI Reports

Federal authorities have charged a Zion man with seven bank robberies in Chicago and its suburbs over the past 11 months. Haris Matchalovas, 39, is only legally charged with one robbery at a Huntington Bank on the other side of Evanston’s city borders. In contrast, an FBI agent provided specifics about seven separate robberies.

As always, Matchalovas was outfitted in a surgical or fabric mask, a rucksack, and his signature grey gloves. In a federal complaint, an FBI agent said the suspect had brandished a knife during five separate robberies. According to the FBI agent’s complaint, there is evidence linking Matchalovas to the robberies, including but not limited to the following:

His mother and father own the three getaway automobiles used in the robberies.
Within ten minutes of each heist, his phone rang near the scene. On the day of the August 3 heist, he wore a shirt that read “Champion” across the front, and the photo on his Illinois driver’s license shows him wearing the same garment. Some of Matchalovas’ crimes started with him making idle conversation, such as asking how much money was needed to create an account.

The criminal threatened people in the bank

“Good morning, ladies. His withdrawal request was met with, “Give me your money,” as he told the teller at another bank. Although Matchalovas threatened physical force during some of the robberies, they were ultimately successful. “Are you requesting that I stab everyone in this room?” At the North Avenue branch, he allegedly threatened a teller with a huge knife.

Forty minutes after the August 3 heist, an FBI agent reported that Matchalovas had stolen five cases of cognac from a Costco in the north suburb of Mettawa. Video from the store revealed that he was still donning the Champion top. Some of the robberies were initiated by Matchalovas with idle conversation, such as a question about the minimum deposit required to create an account.

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