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A woman shared a hospital billed her $50,000 for her baby’s birth! Viral TikTok Video! Check It Out Here!

A California lady became viral on TikTok after declaring she was charged more than $50,000 by the hospital where she gave birth to her child.

In the autumn of 2020, Shannon Mayor left her job in the tech business to begin a small company; when she got out, she was pregnant, inspiring her to explore for “the best coverage I can know,” she stated in a phone conference.

“To be precise, it was very stressful having to shift insurances and then further having to shift insurances a week before my kid was born to my husband’s coverage,” Mayor said.

“Insurance is complex. It’s not obvious in this nation to estimate out, and you can be twisted if you don’t, you understand, actually think forward.”

Mayor stated she waited in a private apartment at the hospital for a week and said she observed “a lot of appreciation towards my clinic stay, my doctor, and the attention I got.”

“They got marvelous care of my baby,” she stated. Ahead this week, Mayor, who lives with her hubby and presently five-month-old son in northern California, took the hospital bill, which revealed her insurance program paid $50,816.02 for the birth prices. Mayor was liable for spending $250, according to the invoice.

Her surprise at the entire amount incited her to pick out her phone and explain it to her fans in a video on TikTok, which earned more than 8 million views as of Friday.


I wasn’t expecting the total to be that high 😅 #hospitalbirth #fyp #bills

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“When you consider regarding the ordinary person, who has $50,000 lying approximately to have a baby?” Mayor said in response to the bill. “That’s like a down fee on the house in some areas.”

She continued: “I was thankful that I have insurance. Several people aren’t that lucky in this nation to have especially helpful insurance as I had, and without it, it would have lost a lot more prone to have my child.

Not a lot of people have a way to that sort of insurance. Therefore I felt a lot of recognition at that time.” People in the Mayor’s viral video observations were further surprised by the hospital invoice, and some experienced their personal birth stories and following hospital charges.

Few commenters saw the diversity in how child delivery charges are dealt with in other nations, especially Europe.

One commenter stated their child was in the NICU for two months, finishing in the last bill of approximately $1.5 million. IN GERMANY, a US expatriate mom reacted to the Mayor’s video, stating she paid a little extra USD 50 to give her child abroad.

“I guess it’s great that it’s sparked a lot of discussion regarding comprehensive health concerns. We have a lot of people getting in from other nations speaking regarding their activities,” Mayor said in reply to the video’s remarks.

“Seeing the comments, understanding people’s stories, it’s been eye possibility and assisted me in understanding exactly how many diverse views exist regarding healthcare and way to it.”

In the funeral of her newfound viral popularity, Mayor said she believes her video inspires people “to ask our systems and how things are running.”

“I guess the most important thing is going out and voting, being spoken regarding changes you desire to proceed,” she stated.

“And then, of course, speaking to buddies and family, prompting them to vote, and supporting other people to begin to see and understand the differences that survive here in our nation with healthcare, particularly about so many other nations throughout the world.”

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