A Ventura Man Found Guilty of 13 Counts of Child S*xual Assault Faces 90 Years to Life in Prison

A Ventura man has been convicted of more than a dozen charges of s*xual assaults against children and faces a sentence ranging from 90 years to life.

Jameson Paul Johnson, whom Ventura County prosecutors described as a “transient from Ventura,” was convicted on Friday of 13 felony counts, including six counts of forcible lewd acts on a minor, six counts of aggravated s*xual assault of a child, and one case of forcible rape.

Furthermore, prosecutors stated that a jury found true exceptional allegations related to different charges, including accusations that the crimes entailed tremendous violence, the victim was particularly vulnerable, and Johnson participated in significant s*xual behavior with the victim.

A Ventura Man Found Guilty of 13 Counts of Child Sxual Assault Faces 90 Years to Life in Prison

During the trial on Tuesday, the judge judged those exceptional allegations to be true.

According to the statement, Johnson met the victim in 2005, when she was ten years old, and both were transients living in Ventura.

“The s*xual abuse started when the victim was 11 years old and continued until she was 15 years old,” according to the report. “The abuse stopped when Johnson was arrested for criminal threats made against the victim and her mother.”

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The victim reported the assault in 2016 when Johnson sent her threatening letters from prison.

He was detained again in 2018 following an investigation by the Ventura Police Department.

“I am deeply grateful to the jury for their attention and thoughtful deliberation in this case,” said Supervising Deputy District Attorney Rafael Orellana, who handled the prosecution. “Although justice for this victim was long delayed, their verdict means that it was not ultimately denied. The defendant will now be held responsible for the horrific crimes he perpetrated against the victim.”

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Johnson is expected to appear in court on April 25 for his sentence.

He faces a potential sentence of 90 years to life in prison, with an extra 21-year determinate term.

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