A Plane Crashes on I-75 Close to Naples and Florida Killing Two People!

Authorities confirmed that two individuals died when a tiny plane crashed on Friday afternoon on Interstate 75 close to the Florida city of Naples and collided with a car. The accident happened just after the pilot alerted an air traffic controller about an issue.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that the Bombardier Challenger 600 crashed at approximately 3:15 p.m. ET, killing five individuals on board. The aircraft took off from The Ohio State University Airport just after 1 p.m., according to tracking data from FlightAware. It was supposed to land at Naples Airport before continuing to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office reported that two persons perished in the collision. According to Robin King, a spokesman for the Naples Airport Authority, three people made it out alive. King was unaware of the three survivors’ health.

In a phone interview with CNN, a witness named Brianna Walker stated that she was traveling on I-75 when the jet struck her from behind, skidded for about thirty feet before slamming into a concrete wall and catching fire. It also clipped the top of a pickup vehicle that was going in front of her.

The truck struck a median and overturned after the collision removed its roof, according to her. Walker claimed that the driver of the pickup emerged and “looked OK.” Walker claimed that the pilot of the aircraft appeared to be attempting to land on the highway.

“It was unreal. Like a movie,” she said. Walker posted a video of the incident, and it appears that an explosion originated from the plane approximately one minute after the collision. The video demonstrates that the aircraft was already on fire and spewing dense, black smoke.

“Motorists stopped to try to help in the moments after the crash, but the explosion that came afterward sent people running,” Walker said.

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An Emergency Was Declared Shortly Before the Crash

The pilot alerted air traffic controllers over the radio to report an emergency just before aircraft tracking data revealed the plane slammed into the highway. “Lost both engines. Emergency,” a pilot said in transmissions captured by LiveATC.net. “Make an emergency landing.”

Another aircraft was told to hold short of the runway by an air traffic controller, who also cleared the jet to use the runway. “Cleared to land, but we’re not going to make the runway,” the pilot responded in the final audio clip heard from the plane.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that the collision occurred on the southbound lanes close to Pine Ridge Road. Following the crash, a sizable portion of the roadway was closed, according to the sheriff’s office, though they did not say when it will reopen. The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are looking into it.

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