A Pennsylvania Man Who Kidnapped a Teenager and Left Her Crippled was Sentenced to Decades in Jail

On Wednesday, a Pennsylvania man was given a life sentence for his role in the stalking, abduction, robbery, and attempted murder of a teenager the previous year.

Pavel Belous, 39, a resident of Northeast Philadelphia, spent 40 minutes following Jarred Peglow, then 18 and a resident of Bucks County.

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Then, in the Upper Southampton McDonald’s parking lot, Belous went up to him. The Philadelphia Inquirer said that the man threatened the teenager with a knife and told him to take him to an ATM, where he took out several hundred dollars.

Belous also made death threats against Peglow. The assailant threatened not only to burn down Peglow’s home but also to rape and murder Peglow’s mother.

The teen was holding on to Belous, but he was able to get away and kill him with a pocket knife.

Belous admitted to charges of attempted murder, abduction, and robbery related to the assault that took place in March 2021. His sentence was set at 40-80 years in prison.

Bucks County Judge Wallace H. Bateman said that the attack was part of a “cold, planned plan to rob and kill someone.” He called the case “especially worrisome and terrible.”

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According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Bateman stated, “the effect on the victim is enormous.” “You have ruined this young man’s mental health,” the speaker said.
Peglow, who is now 20 years old, claimed he was devastated by what happened to him.

I keep this in mind every time I go out on the road. The young man of twenty expressed his desire to locate his friend. Now that I’ve finished with the legal proceedings, I don’t expect this to go away very soon.

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