A New California Plan Will Let Gasoline ‘Superusers’ Dump Their Aging Cars

A small fraction of California drivers put a lot of miles on their ancient, dirty, gas-guzzling vehicles. Many of these fuel “superusers” are low-income and unable to afford a low-emission vehicle, according to state political officials.

A new bill filed by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) would provide these drivers with larger refunds for transitioning to more environmentally efficient vehicles.

AB 2401 would “incentivize their transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs)” and “could be pivotal in helping the state cut its greenhouse gas emissions,” according to Ting’s office.

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The measure modernizes California’s Clean Cars for All (CC4A) program by increasing refunds for low-income, high-mileage drivers who drive older, high-polluting automobiles.

Ting stated, “Clean car rebates have previously gone to drivers who typically don’t need the financial help. It’s time to focus on working families who cannot afford to make the switch. This will bring fairness and equity to the program while also accelerating the environmental benefits for the state.”

A New California Plan Will Let Gasoline 'Superusers' Dump Their Aging Cars

According to statistics provided by the Greenlining Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists, older automobiles made before 2004 account for less than 20% of California’s cars, SUVs, and pickups yet account for more than 70% of smog-forming nitrogen oxide pollution from passenger vehicles.

“Now is time for the program to prioritize working-class communities of color that face the highest barriers to switching to zero-emissions vehicles and endure the worst consequences of vehicle pollution,” said Alvaro Sanchez, executive director of The Greenlining Institute.

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Hearings on AB 2401 are set to start this spring.

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