A Man Who Unknowingly Won Over $229,000 in Las Vegas Is Found in Arizona Two Weeks Later

According to CBS News, a guy who visited Las Vegas last month and left without realizing he had won a $229,368 jackpot from a slot machine had to be tracked down in Arizona by Nevada casino officials in order to receive his prize money, which was paid to him in Arizona.

During a visit to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Sin City on Jan. 8, Robert Taylor was playing with the machine when it malfunctioned owing to a “communication problem,” according to CBS News.

Taylor was not injured. Taylor walked away from the machine without understanding he’d hit the jackpot, according to a statement released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board on Friday.

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Eventually, the gain was verified to be legitimate, but Taylor had already returned to Arizona, and the casino was unable to locate him, according to a statement from the board of directors.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board initiated an inquiry and was able to identify the individual at the slot machine within two weeks of the probe’s launch. Taylor was identified, according to police, after they conducted interviews, monitored surveillance footage, and examined purchase records.

According to authorities, when a comprehensive analysis of the slot machine and communications equipment was finished, verifying that the jackpot had been won, Mr. Taylor had already returned to his home in Arizona.

Taylor’s identity was revealed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which announced it on Twitter.

According to Fox10 Phoenix, Taylor will receive his winnings this weekend.

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