A Man on Trial for Killing His 5-Year-Old Daughter Expressed His Hatred for Her

A New Hampshire father suspected of killing his 5-year-old daughter claimed he disliked her “right to his core” because she reminded him of her mother, according to a friend of his.

Adam Montgomery told Rebecca Maines in the summer of 2021 that he had been trying to see his daughter Harmony Montgomery since 2019 when he dropped her off with her mother because he said she was having accidents “on purpose.”

Maines is currently in prison for violating her parole.

Maines testified that Adam Montgomery told her that Harmony’s mother wouldn’t let him see the girl despite the fact that he had been given legal custody of her months before she disappeared.

The authorities believe that Montgomery killed the girl on December 7, 2019, but it took over two years for her to be reported missing. The body of Harmony is still missing.

In 2022, Adam Montgomery entered a not-guilty plea to second-degree murder. In a separate case last year, he said in court that he did not kill his daughter and that he loved her without conditions.

A Man on Trial for Killing His 5-Year-Old Daughter Expressed His Hatred for Her

On February 7, as his trial began in Manchester, his defense team admitted that he was guilty of the two minor allegations against him—falsifying evidence and abusing a corpse.

However, they denied that he killed Harmony, claiming instead that she passed away on December 6 while spending time by herself with her stepmother, Adam Montgomery’s estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery.

Adam Montgomery, who was convicted of a separate firearms crime and is currently serving a 30-year jail term, has not shown up for his trial.

On Tuesday, the prosecution took a break, and on Wednesday, the defense is set to make its case.

Maines testified about an earlier occurrence before he claimed to have taken Harmony to her mother; at one point, she called Montgomery her best buddy.

She added that after witnessing her covering her younger brother’s nose and mouth with her hand, he told her he had “backhanded” his daughter.

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Adam Montgomery’s uncle had previously testified that he spotted Harmony at the family home in 2019 with a black eye and that Adam had told him he “bashed” Harmony around the house after witnessing her touching her brother.

Maines was questioned about her criminal history from 2014 to 2019—which includes convictions for fraud and theft—during the cross-examination. She has multiple outstanding charges, but she also has a parole hearing scheduled for April.

“I am a criminal. I don’t have a problem telling you that,” Maines stated. When questioned about missing a court appearance for her cases, she said that she was receiving treatment for substance misuse.

Maines’s defense lawyers also contended that Maines was attempting to use her testimony to strengthen her case. In exchange for her testimony, she denied giving or requesting any assurances on the charges she still faces.

When Harmony was born in 2014, her mother, Crystal Sorey, and Adam Montgomery were not dating. The child alternated between her mother and foster families.

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Harmony was taken from Crystal Sorey’s custody in 2018, and in February 2019, Adam Montgomery was granted custody. Around Easter of that year, Sorey stated in her testimony she had her last FaceTime conversation with her daughter.

The most prominent witness against her divorced spouse has been Kayla Montgomery. She admitted to lying to the grand jury about her whereabouts when Harmony was last seen, and as a result, she was sentenced to eighteen months in prison.

Although she did not receive immunity, she admitted to defense attorneys that she had not been punished further for contradictions in her testimony to the police or the prosecution.

According to Kayla Montgomery’s testimony, Harmony had wet herself, so her husband struck her in the head several times.

She said that her family had been forced to move into a car after being evicted, along with the couple’s two young sons.

On the morning of December 7, 2019, Kayla claims that Adam ran Harmony over multiple stop signs while driving from a methadone clinic to a fast food restaurant.

She also testified about feeding the kids without seeing Harmony, finding out later that the girl was dead, and all the locations she claimed her husband had hidden the body, such as the walk-in freezer at her husband’s job and a ceiling vent at a homeless shelter.

According to Kayla Montgomery’s testimony, she was scared of her husband, which prevented her from reporting Harmony’s death.

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