A Man in Texas Was Fatally Killed by 3 Men Attempting to Steal His Truck and Break Into His Home

According to authorities, a Houston man was shot and died on Sunday morning, Feb. 25, after three offenders attempted to steal his pickup before breaking into his home.

According to FOX 26 in Houston, Det. David Hicks of the Houston Police Department’s homicide section stated that the unidentified man witnessed three masked individuals attempting to take his pickup while monitoring video footage from a security camera at his home.

Police claimed the security cameras were outside the house, near the truck.

A Man in Texas Was Fatally Killed by 3 Men Attempting to Steal His Truck and Break Into His Home

After failing to steal the truck, the three males broke into the house and switched off the lights, according to detectives.

Once inside, the men shot the victim many times while his wife and children were present.

Officers went to the shooting on Castle Creek Drive and discovered the victim with several gunshot wounds inside his residence.

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Hicks informed the channel that the family did not witness the man being shot.

The man’s wife informed authorities that she and her husband witnessed the three men attempting to break into the truck.

She told detectives that they discovered the man dead after hearing gunshots.

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The victim’s stepdaughter told authorities she was not inside the house when the shooting occurred, and she was unsure why the family was targeted.

The Houston Police Department did not immediately reply to Fox News Digital’s inquiry about the matter.

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