A Las Vegas Pastor is Accused of Molesting a Child During a Boat Trip to Lake Mohave

According to the arrest document, a pastor in Las Vegas is suspected of assaulting a minor on a boat trip to Lake Mohave.

Two accusations of lewdness with a child under 14 and one count of kidnapping a minor have been filed against 48-year-old Isaac Luna-Valencia. Arrest records show that on December 5, CPS reported that a kid had told police that her church pastor had assaulted her on a boat vacation to Lake Mohave in June of 2021.

According to the victim’s statement to authorities, she and Luna went on a boat trip on June 5, 2021. After floating for a few hours, everyone disembarked and made their way to land. Only Lune and the victim remained on the boat.

As they were out on the sea, Luna lured the victim to the side of the boat that faced away from the coast

The victim reportedly felt awkward and “strange” at his invitation because she had never felt safe in Luna’s company. On the other hand, she complied with his request and approached him. The girl told police that when she got close to Luna, he grabbed her and pressed her back against his chest and stomach. According to the police complaint, he sexually assaulted her by wrapping his arms around her.

The victim told police she fought to free herself from his hands the entire time and that he eventually let go and pretended nothing had happened. The victim and two others jumped off the boat later that day, and during their fall, something “essential” fell off. After a long day, Luna remembered that he’d left something at the lake and begged someone to return with him to get it.

According to the complaint, the victim was ordered to leave with Luna despite her protests. Once again, Luna led the victim out to the lake and stopped in the middle of the lake between two artificial mountains.

Luna rose to her feet and approached the victim from behind as she searched for the missing object. He allegedly told her, “I wish I had you as my daughter,” or “I hope I had you as my daughter,” according to the police report.

The woman told authorities that Luna’s hold became tighter once she became nervous. After waiting a few minutes, Luna “quickly” searched for the missing item and rejoined the group. The victim told police she was uneasy since he didn’t seem to be trying very hard to find the lost item.

The victim reported the incident to several persons, including her legal guardian and several churchgoers

In September 2022, the victim informed her guardian of what had happened. According to the police report, the victim’s legal guardian met and determined that she would eventually come to trust the victim after receiving a sign from God.

A childhood acquaintance of the victim learned of the crime on December 2. According to the report, the victim’s legal guardian informed him she didn’t tell him because she thought they could figure it out independently. Police said the guardian told them there was no proof of the alleged abuse and that the victim was to blame for not having her phone ready to video Luna molesting her.

Aside from being a “loveable guy,” she praised Luna’s personality. When asked what they chose to do, she responded that if it happened again, if it happened to anyone else, or “if there’s a sign from God,” they would know for sure.

A close friend of the victim’s family contacted child protective services. Despite being given free of charge, Luna still refused to undergo a polygraph. On February 28, 2023, Luna will go before a judge.

source: 8newsnow.com

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