A Holiday Treat-CPS Kids from Englewood Visit Downtown Chicago

It’s Christmastime in the city – and hundreds of Chicago Public Schools children are getting to experience festive celebrations this week. On Monday, due to the By The Hand Club, dozens of students from Chicago’s Englewood area were able to take a field trip to the city’s central business district.

The kids were given downtown gift cards to use at restaurants and shops, allowing them to run around and do some holiday shopping while also taking in the festive atmosphere. According to the organizers, most of these kids don’t celebrate Christmas in The Loop.

Children are going through their beautiful days in the life

“One of the ways we fulfill our aim to provide kids with a “rich life” is by visiting the city today. They get to hang out with their buddies and do some shopping, and we even have some parents and kids down here today, “According to Eddie Wilson of By The Hand Club.

Therefore, it is a beautiful day for getting together with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season and strengthen bonds. A second group is coming downtown Wednesday from the Austin area.

source: cbsnews.com

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