A $3,708 ‘home stimulus’ ad can be seen online. Is this really happening?

You’ve probably seen the headline “Coming: $3,708 Home Stimulus” if you’re on the internet or social media.

All homeowners who were born before 1990 are eligible for a $3,708 reward (you must apply).”




Isn’t it exciting, to think about?


The more you click on the ad, the better.


As early as this February, anyone who has a mortgage can save up to $3,708 a year ($309 a month). While many Americans could profit from this, “relatively few of us know about it,” reads a statement.

The following is the rest of the text:


The unfortunate reality is that many American homeowners will miss out on their $3,708 mortgage bonus. They have to claim it because they aren’t aware of the requirement. Then there are those who believe it is “too wonderful to be true.” Those with good credit who owe $100,000 or more on their mortgage will be eligible for even bigger amounts!”


A larger stimulus payment is available to those with better financial records? What’s going on?


You can find a mortgage refinance advertisement if you click further and fill up your personal information, such as your age and employment status.



According to a website domain search, SaveYourFinances.net is based in Iceland. SavingReport.com, a site with a strikingly identical offer, is based in the same Icelandic city. FedRateWatch.org has the same issue.


Three websites linked to IndyMoney.com all use the same sales pitch.


We all know what this is when we get down to the nitty-gritty:


“This website’s content is provided solely for educational and entertainment reasons. IndyMoney.com created this advertorial-style webpage for your viewing pleasure. An advertorial is a sort of paid media that takes the guise of a news article.

It’s important to know that this is an advertisement and not a real news story, blog, or consumer protection update. It’s possible that INDYMONEY.com will get compensated for clicks or sales that result from the content on this page.”


We tried to contact the company through the sole email address we could discover, but it was returned to us as undeliverable when we tried to send it.



Despite the fact that these companies may be legitimate, the advertisement is misleading. And when did Iceland become a popular location for American homeowners to refinance their mortgages?


No form of home loan was ever referred to as a stimulus strategy prior to the epidemic.


It is possible to refinance your house in order to gain access to more funds. But don’t do it via a bogus social media ploy you stumble across.


Make a phone call to your bank or current mortgage provider for further information. Find a mortgage broker in your region by searching online. Consult with close friends and family members for referrals.


There is an actual program in New Jersey that might assist you if your mortgage or property taxes have gotten out of hand.


Eligible homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments because of a loss of income caused by COVID will receive up to $35,000 from the Emergency Rescue Mortgage Assistance program (ERMA).



A COVID-related income loss must have occurred, and your current income must not exceed 150% of the median income in the region where the property is located to be eligible. For more information, go here.


Earlier this month, the application portal went live.

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