A 12-year-Old and a “Money Hungry” Guy Showed up for 3 a.m. Armed Robbery in the Loop, Prosecutors Report

On Wednesday, prosecutors said that two men and a 12-year-old stole from an all-night business across the street from the federal prison in Chicago’s Loop.

They then sat on the stairs of a nearby CTA station to count the money while surveillance cameras caught them.

One of the accused adults recently secured a favourable plea deal in a firearms case. He reportedly told detectives that he did it because he was “hungry for money.”

It occurred at approximately 3:15 a.m. Tuesday, 400 South Clark Street, between American Submarine and Tobacco.

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According to prosecutor Rhianna Biernat, that’s when Jenell Moore, 23, stepped in and aimed a pistol at the cashier’s head.

When he requested cash, the clerk unlocked the drawer and handed him $20 and $10 notes.

Money Hungry Men

Biernat said Moore, who characterised himself as “money hungry,” grabbed over for the $5 and $1 notes as well.

The cashier saw two additional people outside during the incident.

After the heist, they raced to the Lasalle Blue Line and sat down at the station entrance while Moore tallied the cash.

She said that Chicago police used the CTA’s surveillance network to find them. First, they went to the Harrison Red Line, then to Roosevelt, where they caught all three of them on a train.

In addition to Moore, police detained Geeshaun Wilson, 21, and a 12-year-old kid. 
Biernat said that the child was carrying a loaded pistol in his rucksack.

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Moore allegedly acknowledged handing the youngster the pistol after the incident.

“How long do I get to do this?”

Moore reportedly inquired about an officer.

“For what, exactly?”

The officer responded.

“I did the armed robbery,” Moore explained.

Bargain with Prosecutors

Moore is now on probation on a misdemeanour firearms charge that began as a felony but was lowered via a plea bargain with prosecutors.

He’s accused of armed robbery with a handgun. The state’s motion to detain Moor without bail was approved by Judge Kelly McCarthy.

She ordered bond set at $75,000 for Wilson, who has no criminal record. He must pay 10% of that sum to be released from prison on accusations of armed robbery with a weapon, ammunition possession, and cannabis possession.

The 12-year-old has been charged with armed robbery with a handgun, aggravated illegal use of a weapon, and breaking local laws.

The answer to Moore’s query is, armed robbery carries a penalty of six to thirty years in prison if convicted. If a person is proved to have carried a weapon during an armed robbery, the sentence is increased by 15 years.

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