Xbox Styled Mini Fridge To Be Launched by Microsoft After Similarities Between The Two

Most of the press conferences at E3 were exciting and beautiful but ended with the release of games. Developers can’t wait for this to happen. Microsoft hosted a joint Xbox / Bethesda show in the fridge.
In Microsoft’s defense, the gorgeous hairstyle (you saw the black woman’s hair! Finally!) Redfall might be his ad that tried to stimulate our appetite, but Microsoft’s parting gift on E3 is still not. Halo Infinite release date, but a damn refrigerator. The mini refrigerator is shaped like Xbox Series X. Like most refrigerators, and it is a black rectangular box. According to the trailer, the cooler has an “Xbox Speed ​​Cooling Architecture,” which suggests that there may be console technology that can keep your Monster Energy drinks cool.

When the 2019 X Series went on sale, fans noticed that the black rectangular console with awkward perforations was not bulky and stood next to the dishwasher. Microsoft wants us to believe that mold is a design feature, not a flaw, because a refrigerator-like configuration is the most efficient way to dissipate heat.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (together Xbox Series X / S [b]) are home video games developed by Microsoft. Both were released on November 10, 2020, as the fourth generation of the Xbox family of consoles, the successors to the Xbox One family. Along with the Sony PlayStation 5 released in November 2020, the Xbox Series X and Series S are part of the 9th generation of video game consoles. Rumors of the console first surfaced in early 2019 when the entire lineup was codenamed “Scarlett,” while the high and low-end models were codenamed “Anaconda” and “Lockhart,” respectively. Inside, Microsoft is happy with the Xbox One’s dual-console approach and is planning a similar strategy for the fourth-gen Xbox, aiming to at least double the performance of the Xbox One X for the high-end model. First released at E3 2019 as Project Scarlett, the Xbox Series X name and design were announced at The Game Awards in late December. In September 2020, Microsoft announced the low-cost Xbox Series S model.
Microsoft took advantage of this joke in tweets and contests that awarded a lucky (?) winner a full-size X-series refrigerator. So how do we go from being a unique joke to making a mini-refrigerator the biggest one? Video game show of the year? The answer is (believe me, typing the following sentence would be painful because it is too stupid) Microsoft and Skittles have entered the Twitter brand war. Yes really. In April, Twitter organized a group similar to March Madness to let different brands compete with each other to see which company performed best, “How about consumers?” tweets. Defeated dubious good brands like Wendy’s and Mr. Peanut on Twitter (I don’t know how you can get the best tournament on Twitter without Steak-umms), and the finals boiled down to Skittles and Xbox. Xbox marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg said on Twitter that if fans help Xbox win the championship battle with Skittles, this will make X-series refrigerators a reality (albeit more minor).

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