8 Firefighters Hurt, 20 Displaced During Thanksgiving Fire

A fire broke out at an apartment building in western New York, New Jersey on Thursday night. Eight firemen were hurt, and more than 12 people had to leave their homes.

A video from the Citizen App showed huge flames coming from the building on Bergenline Avenue and 53rd Street. There was a fire in an apartment above a drugstore.

People in West New York didn’t have the Thanksgiving they had hoped for. After the fires destroyed their homes, they were black and charred.

“We were about to cut the turkey literally and then this happened,” neighbor Peter Reynoso said. “It’s pretty sad our Thanksgiving got ruined. Our pets, we can’t find one of them. It’s a horrible night.”

8 firefighters injured, residents displaced after flames tear through apartment in West New York:

When the building next door on Bergenline Avenue fell, people had to get out with their cats right away.

“They were sitting by the window, and they got like knocked down and everything shook inside the apartment, it was really loud,” said Reynoso.

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Firefighters in North Hudson say that a blast made the roof fall off while they were on top of it. Either they breathed in too much smoke or broke bones, eight firemen were taken to the hospital.

“I got a call that we had three members missing we had a mayday and your heart just drops,” West New York Fire Chief David Donnarumma said.

Police officer Donnarumma says the explosion happened while firemen were trying to put out fires coming through the corner three-story building. The blast tore down the building next to it.

“It’s a sad day for the township of West New York they with their residents, cause people are displaced, they lost their residences and lost their belongings,” he said. “It’s a difficult day for the firefighters, not because we had to work but because of the injuries. Now their families will be suffering as well.”

Luckily, firemen were able to get everyone out, saving a number of people. Others were able to get out on their own.

Even though the fire has been put out, the damage is already done. Twenty people have had to move. At least 10 families are getting help from the Red Cross.

“On a holiday they’re crying,” witness Christian Moranchel said. “Their families trying to console them, hugging them. Just feel bad for them.”

The fire and explosion’s cause is being looked into.

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