61% of Californians Support Vaccine Requirements, Poll Shows

According to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, 61% of California adults favor a vaccination requirement for entering large outdoor gatherings or certain indoor spaces such as restaurants, bars, and gyms.

The survey was conducted over landlines and cellphones between August 20 and August 29, finding the results in 1,706 adults. 

Political lines often influence the support or non-support of vaccines and even mask mandates. The poll by the PPIC says 83% of Democratic voters support the vaccination mandate, 52% of independents say they do, while the support of the mandate is quite unpopular among Republicans, garnering only 29% of the support. 

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A few days ago, some Democrat lawmakers in California headed by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks were supposed to pass legislation to the Governor’s office about a vaccine mandate, but said the idea was postponed until 2021 in exchange for time to “craft the strongest policy possible.” 

“Every day, thousands of Californians are newly affected by this virus – and we have a collective responsibility to do all we can to protect each and every one of them,” Wicks said in a statement. 

The next legislative session is set to begin this January. 

Other findings by the survey include that 66% of women are more likely to support a mandate than are men (55%).

Latinos (67%) and Asian Americans (66%) make up the highest percentages that showed the strongest support for a vaccine mandate.

59% of white people said they support the mandate, with 54% of Black people saying they do.

The most likely to be vaccinated were Asian Americans (86%) were followed by whites (78%) and Latinos (77%).

66% of Black people were likely to say they were vaccinated, while 13% of them said they would not be. 

Also according to the survey, 77% of Californian adults have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, making up three-quarters of the entire state’s population, while 10% of adults said that they will not get the vaccine.

According to 78% of adults who participated in the survey, the government has been doing a good job of handling the pandemic. 

The California government, headed by Gov. Gavin Newsom had already previously imposed vaccination mandates on state workers as well as health workers. They are also required to undergo regular COVID-19 testing.

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