$500 Billion Unearmarked. Are Americans Getting a 4th Stimulus Check?

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, Americans have enjoyed a lot of benefits, like 3 rounds of stimulus checks, boosted unemployment benefits, mortgage forbearance, enhanced tax credits, rental assistance programs, and eviction bans.

This benefit was a form of assistance from the government to help them cushion the effect of the blow gas death of lots of Americans. People who can’t pay their rents, who are struggling to make ends meet, who are in debt, struggling with the high cost and increase in the price of goods and services; people were suffering and the government needed to do something.

$500 Billion for Grasp.

So the Lawmakers met and approved $4.5 trillion in Stimulus aid. If you have received the first stimulus check, then it’s part of the money, including the second and the third stimulus checks are part of the $4.5 trillion. Out of the $4.5 trillion that has been earmarked to existing initiatives. There is a balance of 500 billion dollars in Stimulus money ready to be disbursed.

Based on data from Woldometer as of Thursday, December 16, 2021, the population of America is 333,823,623. Now let’s divide the $500 by the population of the USA and let’s see how much goes to every individual. Every person can still get $1,497 in their account before the year runs out. But that won’t be the case.

How will the money be Spent?

There will be no 4th stimulus checks. In fact, in November, Inflation rose by 6.8% which is the highest in 39 years. Inflation is primarily caused by too much money in circulation leading increase in demand for goods and services.

Demand drives prices; Since people are asking for more, then they can afford more at more price until they cannot afford more again. Which will eventually lead to recession if proper measure is not taken. The money will not be spent.

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Congress can sit and decide that the money be used on something else. So far, the government has underspent in the areas of education, healthcare, and disaster relief.

The fact that an amount of money is allocated to something doesn’t mean it has to be earmarked urgently. The money can still serve a lot of purposes in our struggle against COVID rather than as another stimulus check which some people say they did not feel the impact.

Congress can decide to use this morning for more Covid-19 testing and vaccination. They can decide to sponsor research into how they intend to combat this Pandemic completely and how they can fight a similar trend in the future. With the omicron variant looking; it is important to allocate more money to the health sector to mitigate against evil reoccurrence.

Americans should not expect Stimulus Checks again. No fourth stimulus check. None that we know of.

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