50 Tiniest Towns in Every U.S. States

Wondering where the tiniest towns are? In the United States 2010, these are the most sparsely populated small towns. Despite what it may seem like oftentimes, many of these tiny towns have just one, two, or three people living there alone. You might be wondering, though, what makes these places worth a trip beyond the bucket list opportunities.

To start with, it’s miles and miles of quiet and peace. There are surely plenty of pictures to take! The countryside just outside many of these small towns is also abundant with things to see, do, and enjoy. There is something for everyone here, whether you like scenic mountain towns, pretty lakeside villages, or quirky destinations.

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1. McMullen, Alabama

Population: 10

In 1976, the little town was founded outside of Birmingham.

2. Hobart Bay, Alaska

Population: 1

Within this small, waterside area, you will be the only ones to enjoy Alaska’s beautiful wilderness.

3. Willow Canyon, Arizona

Population: 1

This town has only one resident who can call it home.

4. Magnet Cove, Arkansas

Population: 5

In the Ouachita Mountains is a town with only five residents.

5. Little Grass Valley, California

Population: 2

Plumas National Forest is close by, so both of these residents so much enjoy beautiful views.

6. Fulford, Colorado

Population: 2

This town near the White River National Forest had been a busy mining town but is now a quiet place home to just two people.

7. Fenwick, Connecticut

Population: 43

This picturesque coastal town was once home to Old Hollywood actress Katherine Hepburn.

8. Hartly, Delaware

Population: 74

It’s likely that everyone in this town of 21 families knows themselves.

9. Brewster, Florida

Population: 3

In the 1960s, when the nearby phosphate mine was closed, the surrounding area was largely uninhabited.

10. Tate City, Georgia

Population: 16

Over a dozen people live in this once-booming mining and logging community today.

11. Manele, Hawaii

Population: 29

There are two gorgeous bays just a few miles away: Maulee Bay and Hulopoe Bay.

12. Warm River, Idaho

Population: 3

Nature and scenic campgrounds attract visitors here.

13. Valley City, Illinois

Population: 13

This tiny village is home to just three families.

14. River Forest, Indiana

Population: 22

In no time at all, you can explore all of this 12-acre town.

15. Beaconsfield, Iowa

Population: 15

Hy-Vee’s first store was located in the town’s community building, which is a historic landmark.

16. Freeport, Kansas

Population: 5

This village is known for its quaint Freeport Presbyterian church, with a historical significance as well.

17. South Park View, Kentucky

Population: 7

Until the airport noise made it noise-sensitive, this small town was more populated.

18. Mound, Louisiana

Population: 19

The Mississippi river is only a few miles away from this village.

19. Littlejohn Island, Maine

Population: 118

This town’s scenic views will keep you from wanting to leave.

20. Port Tobacco Village, Maryland

Population: 13

Since English settlers established the village in 1727, people have lived here.

21. Popponesset Island, Massachusetts

Population: 26

This small town offers gorgeous ocean views to visitors.

22. Pilgrim, Michigan

Population: 11

It is situated on Portage Lake, a lake that is close to Lake Superior.

23. Funkley, Minnesota

Population: 5

Several lakes are in close proximity to this small town, including the Red Lake Reservation, Lake Winnibigoshish, and Leech Lake.

24. Satartia, Mississippi

Population: 55

The Yazoo River runs through this small village.

25. Friedenswald, Missouri

Population: 2

This Midwest village has just two residents.

26. Elkhorn, Montana

Population: 10

Silver mining was the main industry in this ghost town. One of the only buildings left is the Fraternity Hall, once a venue for town meetings.

27. Monowi, Nebraska

Population: 1

The only remaining resident of this small town is Elsie Eiler, 82, who lost her husband in 2004.

28. Logan Creek, Nevada

Population: 26

The residents of this village enjoy stunning views of Lake Tahoe which is only accessible by a few dozen people.

29. Blodgett Landing, New Hampshire

Population: 101

Lake Supreme lies in the town of Supreme.

30. Tawistock, New Jersey

Population: 5

The quaint suburban town of Cherry Hill is just a few miles outside of Philadelphia.

31. Newkirk, New Mexico

Population: 7

As Route 66 travelers make their way west, they will pass this small town.

32. Dering Harbor, New York

Population: 11

North of the Hamptons, this beach town is located.

33. Dellview, North Carolina

Population: 13

One hour drive outside of Charlotte, you’ll find this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town.

34. Ruso, North Dakota

Population: 4

This Midwest town was home to just one family in 2010.

35. Rendville, Ohio

Population: 36

A Midwestern town was once known as a place of revelry and recklessness. There were just one bar for the total of 25 residents in 1884!

36. Lotsee, Oklahoma

Population: 2

There is still a home for the founder’s daughter there.

37. Lonerock, Oregon

Population: 21

This central Oregon town has a total land area of just one square mile.

38. Centralia, Pennsylvania

Population: 10

The hole in this small town’s main road is the result of an underground coal fire that has been burning for over 50 years.

39. Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Population: 154

This seaside town has more than 100 residents, making it America’s largest small town.

40. Smyrna, South Carolina

Population 45

This pine-filled village in the South has just 29 houses.

41. Hillsview, South Dakota

Population: 3

This town is inhabited by only one family.

42. Saulsbury, Tennessee

Population: 81

Memphis, Tennessee, is just outside of this town.

43. Guerra, Texas

Population: 6

This small town is just a few miles from the Mexican border.

44. Bonanza, Utah

Population: 1

This town in Eastern Utah has just one local.

45. East Montpelier, Vermont

Population: 80

In the autum, visitors can catch a glimpse of the amazing foliage in orange, yellow, and red.

46. Mappsburg, Virginia

Population: 60

The Chesapeake Bay is visible all year round to residents.

47. Laurier, Washington

Population: 1

The modest town serves as a key connecting point between the United States and Canada.

48. Thurmond, West Virginia

Population: 5

Matewan, the movie from 1987, was filmed in this almost abandoned coal-mining town.

49. Odanah, Wisconsin

Population: 13

The picturesque Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and Lake Superior are just minutes from this census-designated place in the town of Sanborn.

50. Lost Springs, Wyoming

Population: 4

A general store and a post office are the only businesses in this area.

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